Bernie Sanders’ Middle East Peace Ideas Ignored

Sanders’ Israel-PA Peace Ideas Get Ignored

— by Robert Tabak

Senator Bernie Sanders has focused almost exclusively on US economic policy and domestic issues in his presidential campaign. Numerous articles, including from writers friendly to the Vermont senator, have critiqued his lack of attention to foreign policy. For example, Yair Rosenberg, writing in the Jewish on-line journalTablet Magazine on March 20, 2016, quoted Vox’s Max Fisher who wrote“ Sanders appears to have no foreign policy at all.” Rosenberg continued, “A candidate who has deliberately not delivered a single speech devoted to foreign policy during his entire campaign was not about to start with Israel/Palestine.”  But Rosenberg was wrong.  Two days later Sen. Sanders’ talk was the one he hoped to give via video to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), the large pro-Israel lobbying group meeting in Washington DC…

See the full story at the Philadelphia Jewish Voice.

This article was delayed in publication and could use an update.

And don’t miss Stuart the Jewish turtle, a right-winger who confronts his lefty Jewish (but non-religious) owners.  Cartoon by Eli Valley


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